About us

At Romo Núñez personal relationships are the key to our success.

We want to share our experience with our clients and contribute to the growth and expansion of their businesses. We stay close to our clients and are always willing to listen. We pay attention to your concerns and will always accompany you.

Our team of highly trained lawyers has experience in complex transactions, and we enjoy working on new challenges.

We like to get involved in the projects and in finding smart solutions with our clients. Every project is unique and thus, we keep an open mind and active role. We are excited to collaborate with our client’s ideas.

+20 year relationships with our clients

We have strong and lasting ties of many years with many of our clients.

+100 mergers and acquisitions

We have a solid experience in national and international mergers and acquisitions.

+30 years of experience in the financial sector

We have advised banks, brokerage houses, securities investment advisors, development banks, rating agencies and we have an excellent relationship with financial authorities.

Proven Experience

We have a 30-year track record helping our clients to implement their projects.

We have reasonable and transparent fees

We are committed to our clients. We have reasonable, flexible and transparent fee structures that our clients can trust.

We like adding to your projects

Our services provide real benefits to our clients. We collaborate and provide interconnected perspectives and solutions.

We are dynamic and we work as a team

Our methodology adapts to the needs of our clients. We are a well-organized team structured to work with precision. We always take a proactive role.

We accompany our clients

Our priority is to be always be present and available; we want our client’s peace of mind. We jointly design strategies and resolve issues that fit your business.

We genuinely care for people

Kindness and empathy are essential in all relationships. That is why we pay special attention to our team and our clients.

We provide continuous and personalized advice

We enjoy personally helping our clients on their projects and we work hard to provide solid and practical solutions.

It fills us with satisfaction to give back to our community.

Romo Núñez does pro-bono work for several non-profit organizations

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